Meet Lucille the Fireball

  • August 30, 2016

Meet Lucille the Fireball

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“It’s a helluva start, being able to recognize what makes you happy.” – Lucille Ball

Only 8 feet long, Lucy is a very rare slice of Americana – and has been able to conceal her true age so far… Our guess is a 1950’s – 1960’s Aristocrat Lil Loafer, Aristocrat Fireball or a custom kit. Either way, her small size and vintage charm makes her very desirable as an adventure buddy – just about any car can tow her!

Lucy has had a full interior renovation – not just a lipstick flip – we take our vintage gals down to the studs before we put them back together again. Lucy is ready to tackle the next 50 years! We have pictures of the entire process for serious buyers – these are important for resale value, so you can prove the extent of the renovation. She’ll only appreciate from here!

Basically, everything but the skin and trailer are brand new – here’s what we replaced/added:
Subfloor with undercoating
laminate “floating” wood floor (wears well!)
rigid foam insulation
Hehr front/rear windows
walls with burlap accents
front counter
battery powered LED lights – can be moved around the trailer, change colors and have remote control
memory foam full size mattress
bed linens
wire baskets for under bed storage
sheet metal trim (magnetic and super functional!)
exterior paint
glass water dispenser
20 gallon potable water tank (stows under bed)
optional cot above bed if you want to sleep another, or for more storage

She’s the cutest “room on wheels” ever – you’re sure to make all sorts of new friends traveling with Lucy!

Offered at $10,500 (includes full rental package)