What can we say? We love what we do.

After careers spanning from music to technology – including starting four of our own businesses – it was time to turn the hobby of renovating vintage trailers into a jobby, and we haven’t looked back! Our shop is on our property (affectionately dubbed Wrancho Del Wrecko) where we can spend time with our boys and take care of an ever-growing gaggle of animals including goats, chickens, foster dogs and cats, and our four-legged boss, “Sheriff Bear” while we work. We have an awesome network of friends in the biz who handle special projects like nobody’s business.

Lisa Flynn is a problem solver of the proactive variety — rather than reacting to problems, she actually goes out looking for them. Crazy? We have our suspicions…

It’s this trait that drives her, and explains the otherwise erratic nature of her entrepreneurial career. Over the past 15 years, Lisa has founded startups that range from a children’s photography studio to software and mobile applications. Then she decided to blend business with pleasure, turning her hobby of rescuing, re-imagining and renovating vintage travel trailers in a jobby – and Beautiful Wrecks was born. With a reputation for creating order out of chaos, she’s found a new love in designing trailers and furniture with style and full of function.

While Lisa and her businesses have been featured in a plethora of national media coverage, she has more pride in her philanthropic efforts including raising over $1M for local causes, founding Cool Kids Code, a program that teaches free computer coding classes to hundreds of Central Oregon kids and speaking at TEDxBendWomen. She loves to travel and lives in beautiful Bend, Oregon with her husband, sons, dog, cat, goats and chickens…

Lisa Flynn (with Shawn Mullins)
KC Flynn (with Shawn Mullins)

Born and brewed in Oregon, KC is a musician, craftsman, beer consumer and cicerone (that’s the equivalent to a sommelier for wine). And he’s also a pretty great Dad and husband. Safe to say, there’s never a dull moment…

KC was named “Central Oregon’s favorite musician” and his highlight reel includes opening for country music legend Randy Travis. You can still find him today and one of the area’s beautiful resorts or amazing breweries belting out a tune, or on iTunes if you’re geographically limited.

Did we mention he’s a really nice guy, and funny, too? He is. The only time we ever see him upset is when he hits his head on doorframes or cabinets during renovation – which happens more than he cares to admit…

What's in a name?

So, here’s the story… KC plays the acoustic guitar, and when he sings – well, the angels sing with him. (Yes, he used this talent to woo Lisa in the early days – and every day since.)
Beautiful Wreck, a Shawn Mullins tune, has been a favorite since the first time they heard it.  The term and sentiment is woven into each design, decision and even daily dialogue – which includes a lot of movie quotes and song lyrics.
As if it’s a title track, it runs through their minds every time a vintage RV that has been left neglected in a field for far too long is spotted… “What a beautiful – such a beautiful – Beautiful Wreck you are.” It seemed a fitting term for the transformation these “gals” go through.

Aren’t we all wrecks from time to time?
We think so. And we appreciate the beauty in that.