Meet “Audrey” a 1968 Shasta

  • August 26, 2016

Meet “Audrey” a 1968 Shasta

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Meet Audrey, a sweet 1968 Shasta who has been completely reinvented and renovated all the way down to her studs! Beautiful Wrecks rescues, redesigns and renovates these old gals so they’re ready to ride out their second act in with style and grace.

We designed Audrey as a guest room, but she’s also a lovely way to “glamp” in the great outdoors. She has been earning her keep while we finished up her renovation, and generates around $1500/month hosting guests on Airbnb.

Audrey was well-loved, and had 2 others give her a face-lift over the years. We tore it all out, found the areas damaged by water (which they all have) and replaced with new material. All of the gross old insulation was removed and replaced with rigid foam – which is not only energy efficient to keep the hot and cold where you want it, but it also acts as a girdle of sorts for these old gals… Walls and ceiling are all new materials – real wood, custom paint, galvanized sheet metal (it’s magnetic – super functional!) and vegan leather applied as wall paper above the white wainscoting. (Ok, we know it’s just a fancy way of saying vinyl – but it truly is beautiful and easy to wipe clean!)

All furniture is custom, sourced and/or designed for maximum comfort and functionality at Wrancho Del Wrecko in Bend, Oregon.