Miss Olympia – 1950 36′ Spartan Imperial Mansion

  • November 6, 2015

Miss Olympia – 1950 36′ Spartan Imperial Mansion

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Miss Olympia, the Greek Goddess (you can call her Oly) is in her final stages of renovation, and is looking for a new home! She’s gorgeous, inside and out. Tiny Home, rental property, Airbnb asset, guest house, boutique, restaurant – Oly has you covered!

With a vintage-inspired modern design, Oly is a unique blend of Industrial-Americana. Warm barnwood and original birch are juxtaposed with sleek galvanized steel, and the result is exquisite comfort and style.

Here are her vitals:

1950 Spartan Imperial Mansion (Park Model)
36’ long, 88 inches wide
Ceiling height is over 6 feet – bring on the tall drinks of water!
Weighing in around 6000 lbs
Full kitchen
Full bath
1 bedroom
Front and rear door
Ample storage

While she’s always been well loved (no leaks), this was a full renovation — including removing the walls — basically taking it down to the studs to remove/replace insulation. We reimagined her, and made the following renovations-

Stripped, sanded, polished one side — still needs the final polish
Buffed front plexiglass windows

Wood plank laminate (waterproof) floor
All new electric and plumbing
LED lighting, both battery and hard wired
Added new AC/heater unit, vents outside
Replaced broken windows

Living room:
Sanded and treated original birch wood wall and ceiling panels
Wall coverings of corrugated metal, barnwood-esque planks, and vegan leather
Custom bar that encompasses AC/Heat unit
Reinforcement added to hang flat screen tv

Cabinets sanded, stained, hardware cleaned or replaced
Full size stainless kitchen sink, farmhouse faucet
Gas stove/oven replaced a few years ago
Tiled and galvanized (magnetic) backsplashes

Tile Shower/bathroom (see pics for tile details, it’s not quite finished yet. . .)
Full size toilet (This is a “Park Model” so there are no tanks in the trailer — it’s meant to be hooked directly to sewer or septic.)

Sanded, treated original birch wood wall and ceiling panels
Cabinets sanded, treated, hardware cleaned or replaced
Room for a full or queen bed

She is light and tows great. Axels and tires are solid.

Here’s what she still needs to be fully renovated (and have a value of over $80,000). We’ll do it for you, or you can finish her up on your own (and then claim all the glory!):
Replace ceiling vents, we have all original covers
Window latches and mechanisms need to be installed (we have all the pieces)
Finish sanding and polishing exterior — this can be done yourself (or take it to a pro) and will polish to a full mirrored shine! There are some minor scratches that will buff out.
We’d recommend new plexiglass tinted windows up front (about $600 total)
The undercarriage was replaced with wood — it will eventually need to be replaced, ideally with aluminum
The door interiors are a little rough. Could be polished with the exterior, replaced or refinished. Handles work and lock.

OFFERED AT: $55,500